About Po Boyz

Located at 16 Norby Road, Glasgow G11 7BN, Po'Boyz is an established American Diner, welcoming you 7 days a week with a wide range of American dishes and popular fast foods.
We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible experience to enjoy finger-licking American diner options such as juicy burgers, freshly made sandwiches, perfectly grilled steaks, pizzas, authentic Jambalaya and tasty desserts in a safe & clean indoor space and of course our new outdoor sitting area.
We have a story about how we get our name. The term "poor boy" pronounced "Po'Boy" has originated from a New Orleans restaurant owned by Benny and Clovis Martin. In 1929, the Martin brothers, former streetcar conductor, took a four-month strike against the streetcar company along with their colleagues. During this time, the Martin brothers served free sandwiches to their former colleagues. "here comes another poor boy". Since then the term "Po'Boy" has been used to introduce this historic delicacy.
We always care about our environment and only using over 80% recyclable packaging.
It’s through our passion, dedication and desire that our name “Po’Boyz” has spread quickly throughout Glasgow, and as a result of this our amazing customers love our delicious burgers & sandwiches, special grilled dishes, pizzas, ribs and yummy desserts.
Every weekend our amazing customers love to come in, relax and enjoy a nice meal in a warm environment after an exhausting day or after they’ve been doing their weekly shop at Co-op Food Norby Road and leave with a happy tummy and a smile on their face.
If you’re on a budget, don't worry! We are a "bring-your-own-bottle" restaurant which allows you to bring your favourite tipple with you and all you'll have to pay is a small corkage fee. Plus, we have a special £5.99 lunch menu for appetites big and small for even the fussiest eaters to enjoy.
During the pandemic, we have complied with all hygiene and COVID-19 requirements while preparing and packaging the food as well as providing a contact-free food delivery service to protect our staff and customers.
Let Po’Boyz tantalise your taste buds and banish your hunger.
If you place your order online directly through our Website, you’ll get a hot 10% off and with our super-fast home delivery service, you’ll receive your meal at your door in just a few minutes. You can also spoil someone special with our online gift voucher.
We also take great pleasure in announcing our Ayr branch which is ready to serve our customers there.
To order over the phone or if you have any questions regarding our dishes, feel free to call us on 0141 334 77 99.
Hope to see you soon!



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